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Kundalini Rebirthing Special with Cacao Ritual & Gongbath

                               Monday, 20th. of September

We will use the power of the full moon to gather for a heart opening cacao ritual and strong kundalini practice. Together we will realign and create a magical space for transformation. These meditations and exercise are designed to balance our chakra system and tattwas and help to keep a calm mind and a strong nervous system to be able to face everyday challenges and chaos and to strengthen our intuition. This time I will be teaching a very special kundalini REBIRTHING KRIYA- the GHOST KRIYA. And yes, you can tell by the name that this one is something different 

Rebirthing kriyas are the most talked about kriyas Yogi Bhajan was teaching, as they are not only full on and challenging, but also have really strong impact on our system and will enable us to let go of our stories and rewire! 

Rebirthing is a process of uncovering the skeletons in your closet, the goblins under your bed. These skeletons or ghosts that are unknown to you consciously can haunt your waking life. Unconscious emotions can power over you unless they are brought into consciousness. Clearing the ghosts and opening Intuition.

This kriya can be challenging! Come with an open mind and be prepared to surrender into the flow of this dynamic meditation.
Blankets, cushions are provided, please bring your own mat. Tea and water will be served.

Registration: Please send an e-mail to embodiedbeing@web.de in case you wanna join, so I can plan ahead, thank you! Group size is limited to 8 people.  As space is limited, a cancellation on same day will mean, that you still have to pay the spot if not given to someone else.

Where: near U Wilmersdorfer Straße, Berlin. Exact location will be given after registration.

Duration: approx. 3h

When: Monday, 20.9. at 7pm

Energy- exchange: 27,- to 37,-

Workshop language: English/ German depending on your needs


What to bring: comfortable clothes, some magical item for the altar (crystal, flower, amulet...)

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Tanz aus dem Trauma- Breath & Movement as Medicine                                      29th. of September

We will come together to experience some powerful medicines, which help us to reconnect to our bodies, emotions & soul. Starting with some earthy and heart warming cacao ritual to focus and set our intentions for the journey. What is it you would like to invite in your life? What is holding you back to fully enjoy life needs to be released? For me personally cacao as a medicine really helps me, sinking a little deeper into my physical body, to expand and soften. 

This journey will be focusing on the qualities of the first chakra. The earth element, grounding, Landing on earth and in our physical body, security, boundaries and fear as a shadow aspect.

We will connect through different embodiment exercises with ourselves before opening to connect with others through movement, dance & breath.

Gently guided into a colorful movement/ dance wave. It will take us through the different elements, as well as different qualities of moving, engaging (connecting versus setting boundaries) and dealing with emotions. Inviting our body to move in new ways from the inside out, this is not about learning certain steps, but to allow yourself to be carried by sound and moved from a source within. The space will be open to express anything what is hidden and suppressed and ready to bubble up. 



After the "wave" we will continue exploring our inner landscape through Breathwork, using connected and circular breath, going deep and allowing yourself to release and surrender.


We will share some snacks & tea and our experience (if you feel like) and have time for integration after the process.


A safe space is created and the group as a whole and you as an individual are accompanied by your process.
This workshop is not suitable for people with:
- too high blood pressure / heart problems
- epilepsy or other convulsive attacks
- glaucoma
- Pregnancy
- psychosis or other serious mental illness
- Osteoporosis
- strong asthma


When:Wednesday, 29th. of September from 7pm (please arrive little early, as we start on time). Duration might vary from 3,5h to 4h, dependent on participants.


Energy exchange: regular 40,-, discounted 35,-


Registration is done by e-mail & PayPal to: embodiedbeing@web.de (avoid fee and send to family/friends or cover it please!) Refundable only until 48h before starting time, 10,- administration fee applies!


Bring: water bottle, comfy clothes, antigen test 

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New Moon Kundalini Magic- 7th. of September   


-English version below-

Wir nutzen die Kraft des Neumonds für ein Cacao Ritual um uns unserer Ziele und Wünsche bewusst zu werden und uns entsprechend auszurichten. Ob du dich von der Macht des Mondes beeinflusst fühlst oder nicht, ein Mondphasenritual zu erschaffen, kann eine einfache Möglichkeit sein, dich jeden Monat zu reinigen und dich auf das zu konzentrieren, was in deinem Leben wichtig ist.
Der Neumond, oder dunkler Mond, ist traditionell eine Zeit, um den Geist auf das zu richten, was du in deinem Leben erschaffen willst, dh. eine Intention zu setzen. Gedanken, die wie Samen im Garten des Geistes gesät werden... je mehr wir sie nähren und pflegen, desto stärker werden sie.
Durch eine kraftvolle Kundalini Praxis u. Meditation schwingen wir uns ein und lassen danach die transformierenden Frequenzen des Gongs über uns wie eine Welle ergehen, die uns verschlingt und einmal durchwäscht. Der Gong wirkt auf jeden und auch jedes Mal immer wieder anders, kann leicht psychedelisch, emotional oder auch auf der physischen Ebene spürbar sein. Man sagt ihm nach, dass seine Klangwellen unsere DNA  korrigieren und heilend wirken.

Anmeldung: Mail an embodiedbeing@web.de

Workshop Dauer: ca. 3h

Datum & Zeit: 7.9.21 um 19 Uhr

Energieausgleich: 27-37,- (nach eigenem Können und Ermessen)

Mitzubringen: gemütliche Kleidung, ein magisches Mitbringsel für den Altar (Stein, Blume, Amulett o.ä.). Wird wieder mitgenommen danach!


Whether or not you feel affected by the moon's power, creating a moon phase ritual can be a simple way to clear yourself each month and realign with what is important in your life.
The new moon, or dark moon, is traditionally is a time to fix the mind on what you wish to create in your life, ie, setting an intention. Thoughts, like seeds are sown in the garden of the mind, the more we nourish and tend to them, the stronger they grow.
We will have a cacao ritual to work with our intention, fallowed by a powerful kundalini meditation which helps us to manifest or create our wishes and goals. During the transformative gong bath you will be swallowed by a wave of sound, which washes away what we doesn't serve us anymore...

Registration: mail to embodiedbeing@web.de

Duration: ca. 3 h.

Date & time: 7.9..21 at 7pm

Energy exchange: 27 to 37,-

What to bring: comfortable clothes, some magical item for the altar (crystal, flower, amulet...)